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There is endless amounts of information to be found about Arnold on the web, so I decided to do something different. The one thing I haven't found, and something that Arnold is famous for, his one-liners.

Growing up, Arnold was my favorite actor. What did I know, or even care about actual acting. I just wanted to see Arnold kill people in various ways, then end it off with one of his patented one-liners. During the 80's, Arnold was the king of action and actually turned out some great films; The Terminator, Predator, Total Recall

This list is now nearly complete. Every single line from The Terminator and on has been accounted for. (Write me if you feel anything is missing.) Some of them include sound clips and a few include video. I would love to get sounds for all of them, because reading them doesn't do them any justice. You need to hear it from the man himself.

I've written a short synopsis/review of each of film, along with my grade of the film and its one-liners. I've split Arnold's films into two categories. "The 80's" because that was his prime. Then all his films in the 90's and beyond.

And please take the poll below.

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